Member Managed Solutions


The introduction of BBBEE legislation and regulatory license conditions has placed the onus on members to make required spends on CSI and SED to render compliance. SABA has since 2012, continued to offer complete CSI and SED managed project solutions to its members.

Managed Solution

As with the responsible gambling administered solution SABA offers to its members, SABA also offers CSI and SED projects for members to invest in. The advantages to members of entrusting their funds under the custodianship of SABA include:

  1. Giving all members who choose to partner, guaranteed compliance with both the national and provincial legislative requirements.
  2. Members who then are audited for BBBEE or Gambling Board compliance, simply refer the respective parties to SABA who hold a central repository of information and proof of spends on projects undertaken. This would allow members to focus on the respective businesses and have peace of mind that compliance is continually achieved. SABA would engage and provide all supporting audit requirements thereby relieving the member of this onerous process.
  3. Contribution certificates will be issued to members as the initial proof of spend which in turn members can submit initially for relevant compliance audits or license renewal applications.
  4. This solution is particularly relevant to the small and medium size members whose contributions when added together with others, create better sustainable projects to be driven. These projects managed by SABA, do try and take cognizance and align with Provincial Governments poverty alleviation strategies.

Simple Process

The proposed partnership and managed service is purely voluntary. SABA respects that certain members may wish to drive their own CSI. Members who are interested in partnering with the Society should proceed as follows:

  1. Consider the proposal and notify SABA that you wish to partner via email to
  2. Decide on when you want to start contributing, monthly or quarterly.
  3. Decide on the quantum of your contribution based on any legislative or license condition requirement you may have.
  4. Calculate the amount on a monthly or quarterly basis (Mar – May; June – Aug; Sept – Nov and Dec – Feb) and pay the amount into the SABA bank account. Use the narration of your name with the CSI acronym thereafter e.g. SABACSI

To get a sense of the most recent projects undertaken you are invited to have a look at the gallery for pictures and videos together with the write up of each project.