10:00 am

National Assembly Passes The Gambling Amendment Bill

On Wednesday 5th November 2018 the National Assembly passed the Gambling Amendment Bill which will now move to the National Council of Provinces for consideration and adoption.

Minister Davies indicates that the Gambling Amendment Bill amends the National Gambling Act No 7 of 2004 in order to ensure effective governance and management of the National Gambling Regulator, which will replace the National Gambling Board. 
“The National Gambling Policy Council (NGPC) has on many occasions struggled to achieve a quorum, which caused delays to approve policy positions. The Amendment Bill recommends that if there is no quorum at a meeting, in the next meeting, the motion may be passed by the majority of the members present in that meeting,” says Minister Davies.

The Amendment Bill provides for the extension of National Central Electronic Monitoring System (NCEMS) operations to casinos, bingos or betting activities.  Minister Davies says this will place the NGR directly responsible for the data from the source device and ensure that the NGR accounts for statistical data obtained directly. 
Minister Davies states that the Gambling Amendment Bill is also strengthening the National Gambling Regulator in terms of illegal/unlicensed gambling.
“Furthermore, the Amendment Bill recommends that the confiscated unlawful winnings be forfeited to the NGR without approaching the courts.  The Bill will also empower the inspectors to work with provinces, banks, internet service providers and other institutions to ensure that unlicensed gambling is eradicated.  In addition, the NGR will be required to keep a register of unlicensed operators,” emphasises Minister Davies.