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Responsible Gambling

As a key stakeholder in the betting industry, SABA recognises the importance of the private sector partnership with the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF). Our members subscribe to the principal that betting activities should be fun and entertaining but responsible. Protecting the young and the vulnerable underpin this principal.

SABA provides its members with additional services in the supply of posters and pamphlets carrying various responsible gambling slogans and important contact numbers for the SARGF. SABA also serves as a payment gateway for members who voluntarily make contributions to support the SARGF.

This programme is supervised by The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) in co-operation with regulatory authorities and the gambling industry. Through the SARGF, free counselling for the prevention and treatment of compulsive and addictive gambling is provided. The SARGF supported by the industry, works tirelessly to improve the understanding of the social impact of gambling.


Need Support?

We are here to support members of the gambling Community. This helpline is Toll free and can assist you.

Call the toll free Helpline: 0800 006 008

Sms HELP to 076 675 0710