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SABA Membership

Stay up to date with all issues affecting your betting industry, Make sure your voice is heard and get support by joining the leading trade association for retail and online betting operators in the country.

As a SABA member you be represented and your views will be expressed, heard and interpreted to the correct people, so that effective change can be made.

Member Benefits:

  1. The Association has been in existence for OVER 65 years and is run staff employed on a full time basis. The CEO is employed on a full time basis to look after the affairs of the association and deal with matters that members bring to the association on a daily basis. In a highly regulated environment rapid responses are often needed with regulatory authorities and SABA has access to considerable resources in this regard.
  2. SABA has permanent offices which are located in Westville and given the investment and returns in the data business our longevity is certainly secure.
  3. SABA whilst recognised as a stakeholder and trade association by all regulatory authorities in the RSA, has obtained specific approval as an approved Association with the Gauteng Gambling Board.
  4. In terms of direct services:
    • a. Legal and compliance advice relative to provincial legislation.
    • b. Dealing with macro issues for members e.g. national gambling policy; provincial gambling policy; industry transformation; Tellytrack; anti competitive behaviour in the industry.
    • c. Keeping members updated with changes in policy positions and legislative changes.
    • d. Commenting on proposed policy and legislative changes nationally and provincially.
    • e. Assisting members with representation at disciplinary hearings or if of mutual benefit to other members, assisting in legal matters e.g. SABA assisted a member in court against a claim on a related bet issue.
    • f. Finger print clearances for registered staff.
    • g. Clerk registrations in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act and Regulations.