Training Options

We have evolved and developed a range of training solutions to provide to our bookmaking industry. Our training solutions offer a dynamic group of offerings that can be tailored to meet your needs consistently.

Bookmaking industry specific non-accredited programs

We have developed industry specific modules that can be used to upskill staff within your betting shops.

The modular system of our training material allows for the customization of bespoke programs to fit into your internal training program schedule which can also be added to your Annual Training Plan. This also allows for training a rotational workforce.

Learnership qualifications (accredited full qualifcations)

Through our dedicated professional accredited network, we offer full qualifications to meet your BBBEE requirements for skills development. We offer learnership programs that can include the mix of industry specific modules providing the employee with a registered qualification backed by industry specific training.

Learnerships can be offered for your employees these can form part of your organisational Annual Training Plan and your annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) submissions.

Learnerships can also be funded through your BBBEE skills development spend for unemployed youth which can include industry specific training which is aligned to a betting shop employee’s duty. This combination will allow the Bookmaker to also provide the workplace experience component and further developing staff for the future.

Accredited skills programs

We offer short-accredited skills programs through our dedicated professional accredited network.

The short-accredited skills programs can be combined with the industry specific modules to provide your employees with further development that is aligned to your organisation.

Programs can be customized to fit into your rotational work schedule.

Bursary funded projects

If you are a BBBEE compliant Bookmaker and fall within the categories of a QSE or Large Company then we can assist you by providing a bursary solution for you through our strategic partnerships.

Coroprate social investment training projects

As part of your license conditions and to further develop the economy, we have CSI projects that you can contribute towards which you can be involved in to drive the initiatives. We don’t just want you to pay we want you to be involved. Get in touch with us to have a conversation about investing strategically to meet your obligations.

Health and safety compliance training and betting shop certification

We offer compliance mandatory training through our partner network as well safety compliance certification for your betting shop with an online vault for your safety and compliance updates and checks.

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